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  • Birth Flowers

    Did you know that every birth month has a flower and that every flower has a meaning? Just like birth stones. Find out below what meaning your birth flower has! Month Flower Colour Meaning Birthstone January Carnation or Snowdrop Red, Pink, White Affection, Happiness, Fascination Deep Love, Distinction, and Lasting Fidelity Garnet February Violet or […]

  • Flower Meanings

    Every flower lover knows, flowers have their own language and its own meaning. The Victorians used to use flowers as a symbol to express their feelings. Below is a list of flowers each describing its own meanings. Flower Meanings Acacia Secret Love Amaranthus Love Anemone Unfading Love Apple Blossom Preference Aster Love, Daintiness Basil Best […]

  • Flower Glossary

      Welcome to our flower glossary, use the A – Z list to find definitions of flower terms. Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive glossary of flowers.   Nature has endowed our world with a rich and varied flora and fauna. This biological heritage has not only beautified our surroundings, but, over the […]