Glossary of Flowers: E

Evening Primrose

From snowdrops to sun drops, Nature has endless diversity. Sun drops or the American evening primrose represents devotion. The evening primrose is not a true primrose. This variety of the primrose is common in spring in woods and meadows. The evening primrose, common name for the Onagraceae, a family of plants of worldwide distribution, is a pale-yellow conventionalised flower, sometimes four petalled.

The ‘primrose peerless’ is the two-flowered daffodil. The gift of an evening primrose is a mark of inconstancy and the irresolute attitude of early youth.

Evening primroses are yellow, evening-flowering annuals or biennials. The evening primrose family is classified in the division Magnoliophyta, belonging to the class Magnoliopsida, and the order Myrtales.



Modern life runs on the fast tracks of commercialism. Whatever is invented today is discarded for a better tomorrow! How would you like a memento of love with you always? In this fickle life of constant change, the beautiful ‘everlasting pea’ stands out prominently. As its name suggests, it sustains its fresh, unfading appearance for years.

A symbol of eternity, a taken of perpetual remembrance, this flower is scientifically the Lathyrus latifolius. A slightly ramshackled inhabitant but a beautiful herbaceous climber, this plant is endowed with glaucous leaves and magenta (sometimes, even pure white) flowers from summer to early autumn. Climbing slowly, inching up gradually with the help of several leaf tendrils, the ‘everlasting pea’ boasts of wonderful lush blue-green foliage. The very appearance of this pretty flower has a smoothing relaxing effect, even in the middle of the fret and fever of modern life. And at the time of departure, this flower is a sweet way of saying, ‘Thank you for a lovely time!’.