Stunning Boston Fern | Indoor Home or Office Plant | 25-35cm (Incl. Pot) Price: £12.89 (as of 18/03/2022 14:55 PST- Details)

ICONIC DANGLING GREEN FOLIAGE – As the plant grows older, the fronds will begin to droop downwards. The ideal solution for this is to place it in a higher location, perhaps from a shelving unit or as an indoor hanging plant.
FRILLY FRONDS GIVE IT STANDOUT FACTOR – The fronds of the Boston Fern are one of the features of the houseplant. The sword-like nature of them make it stand out from the rest.
ONE OF THE BEST INDOOR PLANTS – The Boston Fern is known as one of the best indoor plants as they can adapt very well to warmer, more homely households.