Nephrolepis Boston Fern | Indoor 25-35cm Potted Plant for Home or Office | Best House Plant Price: £12.99 (as of 18/03/2022 14:50 PST- Details)

GORGEOUS GREEN FOLIAGE – Boston Ferns are known to grow with very beautiful foliage. The green colouring of the foliage on this houseplant in particular allows the plants other features to thrive around it.
DECORATIVE, GRACEFUL FRONDS – The Boston Fern has fronds which droop down as the reach older age. This allows them to gracefully float over the edge of the pot and show off their exquisite uniqueness.
AN ADMIRABLE HOUSEPLANT – With its growth being easy to maintain, its ability to sit in many different locations and the look of the plant being admirable in itself; the Boston Fern is a highly sought-after houseplant.