Chlorophytum Variegatum – Spider Plant | Best Indoor Plants | 20-30cm with Pot Price: £12.99 (as of 18/03/2022 14:53 PST- Details)

NEATLY FINISHED GREEN FOLIAGE COLOUR – The foliage upon the Spider Plant is something that makes the plant look very pristine and neatly finished. The green colour gives the plant a good base colour, which is then joined by the white stripes on the outer margins of the leaves.
EASY PLANT TO HOUSE – You can place this plant in a variety of indoor environments. It will require partial shade, with some access to direct sunlight. This opens the door for many locations such as homes, offices, on window sills, in conservatories, bathrooms and much more.
PROVIDES YOU WITH AIR-PURIFYING QUALITIES – This very attractive, fresh and clean member of the Chlorphytum genus has tremendous air-purifying qualities. This means it will remove any harmful pollutants and unwanted toxins that exist in the air around the plant.