Calathea lancifolia “Insigne | Calathea House Plant | Prayer Plants Indoor | Height 60-70 cm | Pot Ø 17 cm” Price: £38.99 (as of 18/03/2022 14:52 PST- Details)

PRAYER PLANT – The “Insigne (Calathea lancifolia) belongs to the prayer plant family (Marantaceae).”
ORNAMENTAL PLANT – The Calathea is a real eye-catcher. The glossy long leaves are adorned with the decoratively spotted pattern. In the evening, when the leaves are upright, you can admire the red underside.
CARE – Place the Calathea in the partial shade. This jungle plant thrives in high humidity. Spray the leaves regularly to prevent the leaf edges from drying out. Always keep the soil moist without waterlogging.