30-40cm Potted Calathea picturata ‘Argentea’ Silver Variegated Indoor Houseplant

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UNIQUE FOLIAGE – As the Calathea ‘Argentea’ grows, they will produce a vibrant pale green, reddish-purple and white foliage which can be enjoyed all year round. These houseplants will definitely stand out from the crowd in any indoor plant collection.
MULTI-COLOURED LEAVES – Commonly known for their unique coloured leaves, the picturata plant will show off lovely silvery white leaves which are bordered by a lush deep green. As the plant grows, look out for spikes of small white flowers during their flourishing season.
HOW TO CARE – Situate your calathea plant in a warm humidity room with plenty sheltered sunlight. Water regularly in small amounts during the growing season (April – September) to ensure their soil doesn’t dry out and slowly decrease coming into the Winter months. It is recommended to move the plants position a couple times a week to ensure none of its leaves begin to drop at one side.