1 x Nephrolepis Boston Fern | Premium Indoor Plant | Houseplant for Sale | 25-35cm (Incl. Pot)

Amazon.co.uk Price: £12.99 (as of 18/03/2022 14:53 PST- Details)

UNIQUE AND STRIKING APPEARANCE – The striking appearance of the Boston Ferns frilly, sword-like fronds gives it a visually-pleasing look – one that will add a different dimension to your household.
AN EVER-LASTING HOUSEPLANT – With the correct care given to it, the Boston Fern is a plant that can last for years to come.
CONVENIENT FOR POTTING AND HANGING – Boston Ferns can be utilised as both an indoor hanging plant and as a potted plant. Whether you prefer the potted or hung look, this houseplant is ideal for either location.