Flower Meanings

Every flower lover knows, flowers have their own language and its own meaning. The Victorians used to use flowers as a symbol to express their feelings. Below is a list of flowers each describing its own meanings.

Flower Meanings
Acacia Secret Love
Amaranthus Love
Anemone Unfading Love
Apple Blossom Preference
Aster Love, Daintiness
Basil Best Wishes, Love
Bluebells Humility
Bittersweet Truth
Buttercup Cheerfull
Cactus Warmth
Camellia Admiration
Carnation Affection, Love, Health
Clover Luck
Chrysanthemum Happy
Crocus Cheerfull
Cyclamen Goodbye
Daffodil Respect
Daisy Innocence
Dahlia Dignity
Dandelion Wish
Forget me not True Love
Gladiolus Strength, Sincerity
Geranium Preference
Grass Utility
Hyacinth Active, Dedicated
Iris Faith
Lily Unwanted
Misletoe Affection, Kiss
Myrtle Love
Narcissus Egotism
Pansy Thoughts
Petunia Resentment
Poppy Eternal
Rose Love
Sage of Bethlehem Wisdom
Spider Flower Elope
Sunflower Loyalty
Sweet Pea Delicate
Sweet William Grant Me
Tulip Fame
Violet Modesity
Wall Flower Fedelity
Water Lily Purity of heart
Zinnia Thought